Dear friend,

If you want to learn the art of breathing to achieve maximum singing power...long-lasting stamina...and full control over your voice, this message will change your singing life for good.

Here’s why:

When I started taking singing lessons back in 2002, it soon dawned on me that a proper breathing technique was…

One of the key fundamentals to sing with threatening power, brilliant high-notes, and spot-on pitch

But the problem was…

Although everyone and his uncle was talking about seemed as though nobody knew what it really was...let alone being able to teach it.

That’s why, from the very beginning, this whole breathing thang was shrouded in myths and legends for me....along with gazillion different terms.

Here’s just a short selection:

“Breath support”
“Breath management” “Diaphragmatic breathing”
"Intercostal Breathing"

“Belly breathing”...

And, to top it all, here's my favourite worst advice I ever heard…. 

“Just sing from your diaphragm”.


That's all most vocal teachers tell their suffering students about the art of breathing

It all boils down to ONE simple exercise!

when a Bosnian-Hercegovinian award-winning singer taught me this closely-guarded breathing changed my whole singing game forever.

When I was guided through this exercise...I had to use certain muscles...I didn’t even know existed before...let alone how to activate and control them .

Quite frankly, I even would be surprised if more than 10% of all singers on this blue planet are aware of them.

How "Breathing Secrets" can change your singing forever...and ever...

Prepare for breathtaking changes, such as...

  • Holding any note for much longer than ever before in your bloody life.
  • Stamina boost that will let you sing through long phrases without gasping like a seal.

  • The ability to sing the top notes of any song with explosive power and spot-on...especially when they are placed at the end of a phrase (which almost always happens to make the music more dramatic).

  • Pinpoint control over your voice. The steady air-stream you are going to create on demand will prevent your voice from derailing and getting shaky.

  • Kiss your pitch problems goodbye. It still shocks me how little is known...and told...about the importance of proper breathing to sing right on-key.

  • How to "turn on" a dynamic change control when you go from your lower to your upper register...every sound engineer will think you’re cheating with a compressor.  

Gain unknown control, power and stability in your voice

Build a rock-solid foundation...essential for EVERY singing technique...regardless what kind of music genre you would like to perform.

  • The single most effective breathing exercise that will turn every gasping singer into a powerful vocalist.
  • A step by step guide on how to re-engage your natural, built-in power house that makes your voice so explosive...people will crane their necks when you start singing. 

  • Why belly breathing is inevitable to developing solid breath control and how you can awaken it...even if you are a chest-breathing, stressed out manager.

  • A simple trick that lets you practice on your breathing while wandering through the streets of your hometown.

  • An inside peek into how connecting your deep breath with your voice will strip the secret of diaphragmatic singing shockingly fast.

  • The “woodpecker exercise” that works out your diaphragm like Apollo Creed did with Rocky Balboa in “The Eye of the Tiger”. This exercise alone will help you bypass all tensions in your throat (almost all singers struggle with)... and shoot a straight line of air from your diaphragm to your resonating skull.   

  • How 5 minute practice a day will shoot your breathing stamina right through the roof, you should seriously think about subscribing to the next apnoe diver competition. 

  • Plus, how the discovery of a Swiss mathematician not only allows heavy aircrafts take-off lighty...but also helps you to soar to new vocal heights.

Now, please bear in mind

  1. There’s nothing here I’ve invented myself. In fact, if you have the time, patience and energy to set yourself up for a looong search...with a little luck... chances are you will stumble upon similar information like I present in this course yourself. 

    On the other hand...

    If you don't want to bother digging up the truffles yourself...trying and failing multiple times...while still wondering how it all fits together...then I 'd be happy to grant you access to “Breathing Secrets” TODAY.


    This is nothing less than, what I believe, THE most effective breathing exercise under the sun. And I’m darn sure it will help you, your band mates or anyone else who wants to learn how to breathe like a pro singer.

    No need to test-drive it. 

What’s more…

You know all the people that buy stuff, put it on their shelf and never make use of it?

I don’t want you to be that guy or ghal.

I want you to learn it, practice it and become nothing less than the bloody best singer you can possibly be.


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